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    (pages updated august 30th, 2018)

    -- Full Time, All-In Roles --


    Operations & Culture


    For the Ops and Culture role, we're looking for significant experience with fundraising in an early stage org and with leading and growing a team from 3-5 full time/all-in to 25+.


    For the Growth Lead role, we're looking for significant experience building a marketing and growth strategy from the ground up, executing on ambitious targets taking customer bases and active user counts into the tens of thousands.




    We're a small, committed team and we're entering a growth phase. Compensation is minimal right now as we raise growth funding. The ideal candidate for each role is ready to jump in the ring with us pre-raise. We'll hustle together to grow our capacity, and we'll grow our revenue streams in creative, mission-aligned ways.

    "Not someone else, us. Not later. Now." - Seth Godin



    -- Freelance (Video), Teacher Side Hustles & Volunteer Roles --

    See the dropdown in our top menu if you're a teacher, videographer, or growth guru eager to collaborate on some inspiring projects remotely or nomadically.

    For visual storytellers, there are also possible full time opportunities

    for those who are entrepreneurial creatives who have learned their

    passions are primarily in the storytelling, not in building an org.