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    (updated august 5th, 2018)

    -- Full Time, All-In Roles --


    Operations & Culture


    For the Ops and Culture role, we're looking for significant experience with fundraising in an early stage org and with leading and growing a team from 3-5 full time/all-in to 25+.


    For the Growth Lead role, we're looking for significant experience building a sales and marketing strategy from the ground up, executing on ambitious growth targets taking customer bases and active user counts into the thousands within 18 months.




    We're a small, committed team and we're entering a growth phase. Compensation is minimal right now as we raise growth funding. The ideal candidate for each role is ready to jump in the ring with us pre-raise. We'll hustle together to grow our capacity, and we'll grow our revenue streams in creative, mission-aligned ways.



    -- Freelance (Video), Teacher Side Hustles & Volunteer Roles --

    See the dropdown in our top menu if you're a teacher, videographer, or growth guru eager to collaborate on some inspiring projects remotely or nomadically.