STEP 1:

    Email megan@reweave.org (and cc team@reweave.org) with your CV and a 2-3 minute video uploaded to youtube or vimeo of you exploring the following questions:

    1) what is the BWE vision from your perspective?

    2a) what is the core mission of the role you're applying for?

    2b) what kinds of challenging experiences have you had in fast-paced environments with massive goals?

    3) why join an early stage, scrappy, tiny organization? why take on huge responsibilities? beyond it being exciting, why else?



    STEP 2:

    If our team sees potential alignment, we'll invite you to submit an online application through the link in blue below. And we can hop on a quick call beforehand, too!

    step 3: get to know the team

    If we see potential alignment, our team will reach out in 3-7 days for a chat.


    We'll hop on Skype, a phone call, and/or share conversation over chai -- whatever works best for our time zones and current locations.




    It might help to dive into these after you've heard from us:

    1. Our 1 Page Exec Summary

    2. Our Culture Code Deck

    step 4. engage in mini-missions

    Based on the role you're excited about, we'll determine the right short project.


    Examples: The Educator Success Lead project might involve crafting emails/approach for certain types of outreach & onboarding a group of teachers. The Empathy Academics Lead project might involve creating a few sample lesson plans or a math & empathy questions list to ask people we profile.




    At this stage, you will initiate a chat with a BWE advisor, a team member, and/or a landscape peer. We estimate 3-4 chats total in this phase, each between 45-90 minutes.

    Step 5: References & evaluation

    Finally, we'll chat with some of the people who know you and your work best --managers, students, colleagues, advisors, and/or friends/family. You'll connect us.


    Simultaneously, we'll ask you to self-evaluate. The link is below in blue!

    You also might love reading The Anatomy of Peace in the meantime.




    Soon after, we'll make a thoughtful and timely mutual decision on whether the timing is right to collaborate. This decision will be made over a cup of chai.