• STEPS 1-3: Video, chat, written app


    STEP 1:

    Email megan@reweave.org (and cc team@reweave.org) with your CV and a video that is no more than 6 minutes long of you answering 3 of the 5 questions below.



    Suggested approach to making the video:

    • Be yourself. Not the "you" that you think will get this role.
    • Just talk. No fancy editing. 
    • Aim to spend less than 45 minutes reflecting on your answers.
    • Keep the video under 6.5 minutes (Seriously, we won't watch it if it is longer =))




    1. Talk about a time in your life when you didn't achieve what you wanted to achieve.

    a. Why did you want to achieve it?

    b. Are you still working on it or did you let it go? Why?

    c. How did it affect you not to achieve and what did you learn from it?

    d. What are three things that could have been done differently?


    2. What is your vision in life? How are you working towards this vision?


    3a. Having read about Better World Ed, why take on huge responsibilities where you are expected to motivate yourself apart from and along with the team?

    3b. Have you ever been part of such an environment? If not, what kinds of challenging experiences have you had in fast-paced environments with goals that felt massive?



    4. Imagine the team has entrusted you to take on three major initiatives in two weeks. You know how to do two of them very well, having done similar things in the past. The third you've never done before and it may not be clearly defined how to approach it. How do you prioritize working on these goals and how do you approach the third you've never done before?


    5. Tell us about something you've built, created, and/or produced that truly required your sustained focus and your hustle.




    STEP 2:

    We'll have a call if we see potential fit.


    STEP 3:

    If that call feels great to you and to our team, we'll invite you to engage with the application (the below button in blue)!




    STEPS 4-6:

    Press the right arrow (or swipe on your phone) on this page/slider to see more!

    step 4: engage in mini-missions

    Based on the role you're excited about, we'll determine the right short project.


    Examples: An educator success role project might involve crafting emails/approach for certain types of outreach & onboarding a group of teachers. A content creation role project might involve creating a few sample lesson plans or a math & empathy questions list to ask people we profile.




    At this stage, you will initiate a chat with a BWE advisor, a team member, and/or a landscape peer. We estimate 3-4 chats total in this phase, each between 45-90 minutes.

    Step 5: References & evaluation

    Finally, we'll chat with some of the people who know you and your work best --managers, students, colleagues, advisors, and/or friends/family. You'll connect us.


    You also might love reading The Anatomy of Peace in the meantime.




    Soon after, we'll make a thoughtful and timely mutual decision on whether the timing is right to collaborate. This mutual decision will be made over a cup of chai with you.


    At the end of the day, this is about mutual fit. This isn't a process we hope you're trying to "win". We want to know that you're someone who is coming here to make this vision reality, ready to stick it out no matter how hard it is and how challenging it gets.




    One thing we're experimenting with -- which we can decide on together at this stage -- is engaging in a 2 week trial phase where we can see what it's like to work together (paid).