Email team@betterworlded.org (and cc abhi@betterworlded.org) with your CV and a video that is no more than 3 minutes long of you answering the questions below. Please share a private link for Youtube/Vimeo or a Google Drive Link to access the video.



    We love these videos because it teaches us a lot about you beyond the written word. We're so grateful for the time you'll invest in this. Here are things we've seen that help:

    • Be yourself. Don't hold back.
    • If your eyes lit up when you engaged with some aspect of the curriculum, say so -- and share why.
    • Just talk. No fancy editing needed. Even if you're applying to do video work with us (then just share your best most similar work to what we create).
    • Don't let this become time consuming. Read this site and just start recording!
    • Keep the video under 3 minutes. We likely won't engage if it's longer.




    1. Create your own question and then answer it.



    2. Why Better World Ed? Have you ever been part of such an environment? What experiences from your life show you that this is an environment in which you can thrive based on what you've read about our stage and culture? (Make sure to read the home page of jointheteam.betterworlded.org for more context before you answer this question.)



    3. It's your first day. Walk us through your first 90 days based on the role you're applying for.




    STEP 2:

    We'll have some emails and/or a call if we see potential fit.


    STEP 3:

    If that call feels great to you and to our team, we'll have you speak with more people on the team.


    STEP 4:

    It will likely help you and our team to engage in some kind of mini-project or exercise that helps get a sense of what it's like to work together. In one case, for example, a candidate created I Am Mac as his final interview. He now leads video with us.