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    Educator Engagement Catalyst

    Classroom Impact Analyst


    Core Focus of the Educator Success roles:

    Educator support, through direct outreach, engagement, and mobilization, and impact measurement, for guiding the overall BWE strategy through learning loops



    How do we keep a constant pulse of what's working and what isn't for Better World Educators? How do we each create trust and listen with our ears, eyes, heart, and intuition? We're each observing, learning, engaging, filming, and helping the team understand what the holistic experience in classrooms is for both educators and youth. We want to help educators see that they are front-line leaders of this movement and that we are here to support them. We're constantly seeking understanding and leveraging industry standards for measurement and evaluation to asses how BWE activities, materials, principles, and overall approach can improve to shape better outputs and outcomes and to guide impact. Is the BWE movement's strategy achieving it's TOC effectively and efficiently? We're sharing our progress and learnings so that future educators feel compelled to get involved and empowered to advocate with us. We're framing and sharing learnings, successes, failures, and upcoming plans with stakeholders in honest, beautiful, and compelling ways.


    Key Objectives of the Educator Success roles:

    • To plan and execute outreach efforts to catalyze and onboard new educators
    • To plan and execute engagement efforts to support and assess existing educators
    • To mobilize and empower all educators to use BWE content, contribute content to BWE, provide feedback, advocate the BWE values and work, and support their peers to join BWE
    • To measure impact, gather feedback, and relay findings both internally and externally to guide broader BWE improvement, progress, and impact

    educator engagement catalyst

    Role Responsibilities

    • Recruit new educators from diverse environments (public schools, affordable private schools, IB/International schools, government/municipal schools) and through large networks (like Khan Academy or TFA)
    • Onboard new educators through conversations/referrals/workshops/pitch sessions
    • Build supportive relationships with and gather feedback and data from existing educators through emails, calls, hangouts, Slack, Dropbox, vlogs/webinars, classroom visits, and focus groups
    • Execute focus groups/cases/surveys to determine the impact of new BWE content and teaching models in coordination with other Educator Success team members
    • Mobilize and empower educators to advocate and get their communities and networks involved
    • Maintain media collaborations (like MindShift or Upworthy) and share videos, posts, and walkthroughs of educators around the world using our content

    Ideal Experience

    • 2-4 years teaching K-6th graders
    • 1-3 years in a fast-paced, adaptive environment
    • Proven ability to work autonomously and collaboratively
    • Hunger to really invest yourself
    • Proven practitioner of "educator empathy"

    Opportunity for Travel

    • 4-9 months/year

    Regional Needs Based on Phase

    • Phase 1 (immediate): 3 hires in Bangalore, India
    • Phase 2: 1 hire in the Bay Area, United States


    classroom impact analyst

    Role Responsibilities

    • Research and keep up to date on tools (like B Analytics), various evaluation methods (like J-PAL's), and sets of metrics (like IRIS)
    • Devise, iterate, and execute the BWE strategy for impact measurement and evaluation
    • Assess BWE progress against the TOC in an accurate, honest, and transparent way
    • Create timely and regular data visualizations and summaries
    • Aggregate, present, and communicate findings to external constituents and stakeholders
    • Synthesize and relay findings to Curriculum Design team members to improve BWE content and to other Educator Success team members to improve approaches and efforts for supporting and engaging new and existing educators
    Ideal Experience
    • 2-4 years prior experience in qualitative and quantitative impact measurement work across diverse regions of the world
    • 1-3 years in a fast-paced, adaptive environment
    • Proven ability to work autonomously and collaboratively
    Opportunity for Travel
    • 3-9 months/year
    Regional Needs Based on Phase
    • Phase 1: 1 hire in Bangalore, India
    • Phase 2: 1 hire in the Bay Area, United States