• a brief note on how our

    hiring approach has evolved:



    The Past: Going Fast.


    In our early years, we focused on bringing together people who were ready to move nonstop (multiple locations and bases a year, with down time.) We built an environment that was supportive of the notion of life alignment, but we didn't provide or have the constant support needed to bring it into reality.



    The Present: Going Far Together.


    In this phase, we are committed to a more location-based approach, and to building systems that will allow for sustainable life-work alignments. Sprints happen as do late night work sessions. Burnout need not.


    We are focusing in on the US as a base for the coming year at least, with Houston and NYC being our two major focus cities.


    To make this "vision = culture = approach" reality, we're seeking people who:

    • Crave to be part of a team focused on leadership as a practice, not a title.  
    • Have failed in entrepreneurial roles, have fallen in leadership roles, and who get up more humble & hungry after each fall. Really. Who actually do. 
    • Feel agency and collective accountability/ownership of their choices. 
    • Crave persistent growth in becoming more effective and efficient--in order to create space for all the things that matter to us (yoga, family time, a walk).
    • Are invested in making ethical choices around how we live, buy, listen & collaborate. 
    • Are in this journey for both the long term and day to day impact.
    • Are ready to help build a sustainable culture that lives out our core values of empathy, ecosystem thinking, creativity, and collaboration. Of humility and hunger. 
    • Have an almost strange consistent, driving courage and belief that this vision is possible after the many realities and challenges they've been part of in the past years.