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    **Operations & Culture Lead (Priority)**

    Strategic Partnership Catalyst


    Core Focus of the Operations and Growth roles:

    Inspiring and achieving effective growth -- while providing leadership and direction -- for the global expansion of BWE, all while maintaining mission alignment and integrity.



    You are ready to grow an organization from 5 full time team members to 25-40 in the coming 2 years, and you're hungry to lead a team in achieving this specific mission -- you're here for the long haul.

    Operations and Culture lead

    Roles & Responsibilities

    • See the "Scaling Parter" role for context. In a lot of ways, this human is going to be a hybrid between a project manager and a culture/HR lead.
    • In short, this human is leading us forward to reach and engage over 50,000 educators in the next 18-24 months, to create diverse and increasingly useful K-6 empathy and global understanding content, and to bring in powerful data to help us better the content while making the case for this mission with all stakeholders. 
    Ideal Experience
    • Relevant management and leadership experience and passion for both
    • Experience in fast-paced startup environment
    • Experience making huge mistakes and learning from them
    • Designing and co-creating culture, approach, structures, and processes for the internal operations of a high impact international organization/company
    • Loves relevant data and numbers
    • Deeply engaged in the practice of empathy
    Opportunity for Travel
    • Between India and the US, with at least 3 months in each per year
    Regional Needs Based on Phase
    • We don't have a timeline for this role. We're forecasting building relationships for many months before making a decision. Reach out with a video or give us a call!

    Strategic Growth catalyst

    Roles & Responsibilities

    • This role involves partnership outreach/creation and engagement/management (including impact measurement)
    • This role will have a unique focus in each region, with "strategic partnership" entailing something different based on the needs of that region and the BWE team (fundraising partnerships or corporate partnerships or academic partnerships or government partnerships or media partnerships, for example). 

    Ideal Experience

    • Significant project management and leadership experience
    • Experience building and maintaining partnerships/relationships on a global scale
    • 3-5 years in a fast-paced, adaptive environment requiring autonomous and collaborative work
    • Hunger to build culture and to communicate effectively with partners, educators, and team members globally

    Opportunity for Travel

    • 4-6 months/year

    Regional Needs Based on Phase

    • Hiring in US (Bay Area & NYC) in late 2017/early 2018