Application Process



    For all roles, we ask that we kick things off with a little video. You can record this on your phone, too.



    Email team@betterworlded.org (and cc abhi@betterworlded.org) with your CV and a video that is no more than 3:30 minutes long of you digging into the questions below. Please share an unlisted link for Youtube/Vimeo or Google Drive and make sure the above email IDs have access.



    Why a video? We've found it teaches us a lot about you beyond the written word. Here are some notes from what we've learned makes a solid conversation starter:


    • Be yourself. Don't hold back.
    • If your eyes lit up when you engaged with some aspect of the curriculum, say so -- and share why.
    • Be passionate about what you're actually passionate about.
    • Just talk. No fancy editing needed. Even if you're applying to do video work with us (then just share your most similar work to what we create).
    • Don't let this become time consuming. Record authentically. Don't rehearse 8 times.
    • Keep the video under 3:30 minutes, please. Under 3 is ideal.
    • What you say and how you say it both are important. We think about both. After all, we make videos without words. We think a lot beyond the words these days.








    1. Create your own question. And then answer it!



    2. Have you ever been part of an organization in such a critical stage? What experiences from your life show you that this is an environment in which you can thrive based on what you've read about our stage and culture? (Read the home page of jointheteam.betterworlded.org and this for more context if it helps.)



    3. What differentiates Better World Ed from other organizations and companies in our landscape? Tell us about the landscape and why this stands out.



    4. Why is the role you've read about different from the roles you've played until now in your life?






    STEP 2:

    We'll have some emails and/or a call if we see potential fit.


    STEP 3:

    If that call feels great to you and to our team, we'll have you speak with more people on the team or an advisor.


    STEP 4:

    It will likely help you and our team to engage in some kind of mini-project or exercise that helps get a sense of what it's like to work together. In one case, for example, a candidate created I Am Mac as his final interview. He now creates videos with us!






    Note: We will do our best to respond to all outreach, though we are a small, stretched team. Please don't hesitate to follow up in a few weeks if you don't hear from us.


    We appreciate kind follow ups and reminders (especially as we are often sending them out, too, so we get it)! Thank you for your understanding, your passion, and your patience with us as we grow this movement together!


    And if timing isn't feeling right to apply, you can also sign up to stay posted on opportunities and join our Better World Talent Pool!