• Qualifications, Logistics, Money, Etc.


    We're at an inflection point. Joining us now means joining a small, core team.


    Three people full time, and a crew of volunteers and advisors who are amazingly supportive. These people together are the reason our impact and reach is growing.


    Beyond your specific ambitious roles and responsibilities, you'll be co-creating and implementing the systems, processes, and culture to bring BeWE to every classroom on earth. A ridiculously hungry and humble culture is the skeleton key to unlock this vision.


    Note: At present, we're bringing together humans who are ready to do what it takes to make this mission reality. Entrepreneurial, hungry and humble people who are in this for the long haul. This is not a great resume builder situation. This is one of those long term things you think will overflow your heart and soul cup.

    content creators

    Since 2015, we've created and curated incredible stories from India, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Colombia, Ecuador, USA, Thailand, Congo, Guatemala, and Kenya. Today, we're focused on collaborating with organizations in new regions.


    This will be hard. You'll be leading things you wish you had more support for and you'll be championing huge projects often without a clear answer of "whether you're doing it right".


    Where? Apartment-offices, organization partners' offices, parks, apartments, rooftops, buses, trains, planes, automobiles, and wherever else we have wifi, snacks, and fun.

    you =

    • Deep desire for collaboration across skillsets, roles, and perspectives
    • founding team mindset
    • experience working and living in multiple countries is ideal
    • proven builder
    • 3-5 years as gyshido 
    • proven quick adapter
    • proven learning agility
    • passionate persistence
    • humble hunger for learning
    • bonus: desire to teach one of our team members salsa no matter how hard it is
    • proven ability to encourage calm and laughter in the midst of chaos is ideal

    team curriculum

    Join a room full of people hungry to learn and grow. Some of what's going on:

    • Engage with 6-12 relevant books and tons of articles each year alongside the team. For starters, we'll read these. We're still figuring out how to be consistent on the group book reading thing. Help!

    • Be part of discussions, conversations, and reflection sessions with team members and key players in the BWE network. Focus on integrating what we're learning with the curricular content we're building.
    • Build the curriculum you dream of for your children -- and help ensure they will have access to it, no matter what school environment they enter. 
    • Engage with BWE content as a core team in weekly meetings, culture building, etc.


    And as we grow, we'll be introducing all kinds of new learning and growth layers. Examples:

    • Guest speakers from GU Modules
    • Guest speakers from classrooms
    • Group and personal mentor matching
    • Coaching sessions and courses in specific things like impact investing (when our team makes enough to invest)
    • Unlimited books (if you actually read them)

    what does growth mean for this movement?

    The team we're building won't prioritize credit or a beautiful portfolio or global recognition or expert status. We simply want this curriculum in the hands of every kid (and human) around the world.


    To achieve that vision, we need collaboration. We need community. We need humility. We can't let scarcity mindset limit our sense of possibility. We don't need 300 or 500 people on payroll to see this movement happen. In a few years, we'd rather have a core team of 25 or 60 building creative partnerships with existing infrastructures/organizations to meet the demands of curriculum reaching classrooms around the world.


    We're here to be the fuel for the movement, not yet another vehicle competing for space. We're building a foundation of great content for all orgs and all schools, and we won't stop until every existing organization and network is able to leverage BeWE to lead change in the world. We're on a mission to build a self-sustaining system/cycle of content creation, educator engagement, and deep lasting change.







    the person laughing.. that's ibu. ibu is wonderful.

    she reminds us of what this culture is about.

    her story will be on betterworlded.org soon.