• video content Contributor

    We work with filmmakers, storytellers, and educators from all over the world to curate the best material for creating unique Empathy Challenge kits = featuring one human, includes 1 video, 3-4 stories, and 3-4 accompanying lesson plans (one per story).



    If you create captivating videos and you're a person or team excited to contribute to this movement in an all-in, part-time, freelance, or pro-bono way -- read on.


    • You're aligned to the BWE vision, approach, culture (which you can read all about on this site). 
    • If you're not already using your videos to do so, you'd like to educate and inspire a wider audience, especially young people, and to see more classrooms engaging in social change conversations. 
    • You'd like to learn with us as we create BWE curriculum together, and you're pretty damn humble if you do say so yourself.
    • You're interested in one or more of the following:
      1. Sharing and repurposing work you've already created
      2. Creating new video content for & with BWE
      3. Starting a collaboration between BWE and your team/organization to produce video content on a regular basis
      4. Recruiting funding and new patrons to support the creation of more stories that you'll go out and create


    Volunteer / Project Based / Part-Time:

    You provide the video content (and stories/lesson plans if you are able and excited), we write the corresponding written content to fit math and literacy requirements, and Better World Ed distributes these Empathy Challenges to global classrooms.


    Full Time/All-In:

    You're entrepreneurial, and you're in for an adventure. There's a lot we're making happen beyond Empathy Challenge stories. Visual lesson plans, behind the scenes stories, mashups from various stories we've done, and other fun bonus content for our educators and patrons (www.betterworlded.org/pricing and patreon.com/betterworlded for more info).

    Going all in with us means you'll likely be co-leading a whole lot to make this whole movement possible at unprecedented scale.