BeWE Advocate


    You want to help educators bring empathy, storytelling, and social change into the core of their classroom teaching. You want to share the BeWE mission with teachers across the US and globally.


    We LOVE that.


    And we're here to support.


    We've designed our pricing page to make it possible for any teacher, school, or district to get involved. We're also redesigning our product experience to make it smoother and more beautiful for users.


    We believe this movement is fueled by passionate people like you. People who are hungry to spread the importance of empathy, compassion, understanding, and love worldwide.


    Ready to help dozens or hundreds of new educators use Better World Ed?

    Reach out (team@betterworlded.org) for more resources (1 pagers, flyers), ways to approach conversation, and anything else you'd like! We can't wait to connect.


    PS - You might enjoy reading this if this page resonates with you.