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    eager to contribute to this movement with 5-15 hours per week or full time for shorter projects.


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    Classroom Advocate

    You want to help new educators bring empathy, storytelling, and social change into the core of their classroom teaching. You want to share the BWE mission with teachers globally.


    We LOVE that. And we're here to support.


    This movement is fueled by people like you. People who are hungry to spread the importance of empathy, compassion, understanding, and love worldwide.


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    And who knows -- maybe you can be one of the team members going on trips to engage new educators in new regions, too! You might enjoy reading this if you're on this page.

    empathy challenge innovator and advocate

    This Spring and Summer, we’re bringing on advocates to join us in a growth phase for betterworlded.org.


    You’ll be working with the BWE core team to do a mix of the following: edit and support finalization of new empathy challenge stories​, brainstorm new math and literacy topic integrations for stories, research schools and education networks/publications in the US and India, and onboard new educators to begin using betterworlded.org.


    You’ll work closely with your co-innovators along with 1-2 hours of core team support per week.