• Written Content Contributor


    We work with filmmakers, storytellers, and educators from all over the world to curate the best material for creating unique Empathy Challenge kits = featuring one human, includes 1 video, 3-4 stories, and 3-4 accompanying lesson plans (one per story).



    If you are a stellar relationship builder, writer, communicator, and listener who is excited to contribute to this movement in a full-time, part-time, freelance, or pro-bono way -- read on.


    • You're aligned to the BWE vision, approach, culture (which you can read all about on this site). 
    • You'd like to educate and inspire a wider audience, especially young people, and to see more classrooms engaging in social change conversations.
    • You'd like to learn with us as we create BWE curriculum together. This isn't just another short stint to you. 


    You'll be the person in a 2-3 person team who is writing the stories and lesson plans alongside the videos we create -- all aligned with various math and literacy requirements for PK-8 students.